Anonymous whispered: You're so sweet. I adore your tumblr, and I'm so in love how you admire Adrien. I was wondering. You do edit some photos in this fan page? Can you leave a url w ur edits? (Sorry if i spell bad, I'm not writing my lenguage). Ps; Still waiting to see photos of you. I'm pretty sure that you are beautiful. x

Thank you so much for sending me this. You are very kind. It is a sweet message to receive.

As for the edits that I do, I am not sure what you mean entirely when you suggest a “URL”. Do you mean that I should tag the edits that I do?

I edit plenty of the photos that I post on here. I would say I edit between 40-60% of them.

Adrien Sahores filmed for H&M Divided Grey in 2014.

Anonymous whispered: Does Adrien only reply to his friends on instagram's comments ?

Adrien has replied to me on Instagram, and I wouldn’t say we were friends!

But, yes, someone like Adrien who is well-liked publicly would normally only reply on Instagram to those who he knows well. Adrien has never been the type to talk to everybody who likes him! He is quite private.

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springsteenontheradio whispered: Your whole page is seriously amazing - the design and everything, I'm in love!

Thank you very much for your kind words!

I am still working on the design for this blog. I want to make sure the blog looks its best while keeping everything easily accessible too.

Adrien Sahores photographed by Catherine Servel for Document Journal in 2012.

Adrien Sahores filmed for Gucci Resort S/S 2014.

Adrien Sahores photographed backstage at Jil Sander S/S 2013.

Looks for the summer! Adrien Sahores photographed for Roberto Cavalli S/S 2013-2014.